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Elisa Goldstein


Owner of Speech Therapy Networks



Elisa Goldstein has been providing exceptional Speech and Language Therapy Services for almost 25 years, empowering individuals to reach their communicative potentials.  She has owned and operated this pediatric private practice for eleven years.

As the owner of Speech Therapy Networks, Elisa began her career working with individuals with traumatic brain injuries in both inpatient and outpatient settings.  She received extensive training while working with Frederick Memorial Hospital’s rehabilitation team as well as with Head Injury Rehabilitation and Referral Services in Rockville, MD.  Gathering a strong knowledge base for neurogenic communication disorders, these experiences were crucial in helping Elisa to assist survivors in  retraining their cognitive functioning. 

She also worked on dysphagia management, preparing survivors for reentering social communicative situations, and assisting these individuals in their return to more independent lifestyles.  These experiences carried her heart into and out of tragedy and readied her therapy skills with compassion, integrity, and gusto. 

Elisa was fortunate enough to be able to work with many young adults and teens in her therapy endeavors and therefore wished to continue this path in a different setting.  Elisa began working within the Montgomery County School System at Seneca Valley High School which functions as an ongoing relationship for student advocacy, IEP development, curriculum knowledge, and caseload management.

Moving from this environment Elisa worked in a well established pediatric practice in Bethesda before establishing her own private practice in 2003. When working with this dynamic pediatric team Elisa gained extensive training and clinical expertise in a variety of childhood speech and language disorders.  Moving closer to home and further up county, Elisa has been servicing children in individual and in small pragmatic group settings for more than 17 years.

Elisa received her B.S. and her M.S. both from the University of Rhode Island, completing the degrees within five years in May of 1995.  She held research project responsibilities with  Dr. Walter Beaupre (Cued Speech) and Dr. Barbara Cullatta (Pediatric Narrative Play and Story Enactment) as well as assisted Dr. Ovetta Harris with her research in relationship to Cultural Communication.   

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